66south is an innovative research company delivering deep insight to the Australian healthcare sector.

We comprise a group of highly experienced senior consultants, fuelling the adoption of research driven behaviour change in health.

Our Belief

The traditional qualitative methodologies currently offered to healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations, often solely prescriber focused, are no longer appropriate in a world of empowered health consumers.

As such we take a patient-centric perspective to health.

By employing advanced qualitative techniques, ethnography, videography, and digital engagement, we penetrate more deeply to understand the lifeworld drivers of patients, caregivers, payers, prescribers, and recommenders.

Our Difference

Our theories and frameworks are academically-grounded in the latest methodologies borrowed from cultural anthropology and other disciplines that explore human behaviour.

Through these approaches, we advance our clients' goals and build competitive advantage by developing compelling situationally-driven strategic insight.

Key Personnel

Kim Mossenson - Research Director

Kim's focus is sharper thinking - upstream with the design and methodologies used and downstream with analysis and interpretation. He has honed these skills over 20+ years in health related fields via studies for pharmaceutical companies, industry groups and government departments.

Stuart Black - Founder - Director

As Chairman of the Healthcare Communications Council, combined with 25 years in the healthcare industry, Stuart's priority is building strong and enduring relationships with clients wishing to find new ways to improve the lives of their customers.

AMSRS Members

Kim Mossenson


Website: http://www.66south.asia

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Stuart Black, Julia Walsh
    Phone: 0414727654, 0466683009
    Email: stuart.black@66south.com.au, julia.walsh@66south.com.au

    Ground Floor 351 Crown St
    Surry Hills NSW 2010
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