Action Market Research

Action Market Research was established in 2007 by Luke Sexton. Luke has over 15 years of experience within the market research industry, including experience obtained in Australia and overseas.

Luke’s experience includes:

8 years of experience working as Senior Data Processing Specialist for Wirthlin Worldwide/Harris Interactive, working in Australia, the USA and Canada on international (global) projects
4 years of experience working as Research Operations Manager for The Sexton Marketing Group, a specialist Australian research organisation
Luke’s career highlights include:

A member of the research team that won the ARF David Ogilvy Award for Excellence in Advertising Research for the UBS – You & Us campaign (2005).
Working closely with an offshore field and DP operation for Harris Interactive and its strategic partner Datascension in Costa Rica, including providing training and guidance in its processes
Luke is supported by a team of outstanding professionals, including:

Mark Vyner-Smith, Research Operations Manager – Mark has over 12 years of experience within the market research industry, with extensive sampling and programming experience of a large variety of studies

Kaye Angel, Field Manager – Kaye has over 12 years of experience within the market research industry as field supervisor, handling all forms of field work.

A team of 2 programmers, 10 Executive Interviewers and 100+ CATI interviewers.

Luke is a member of AMSRS and Action Market Research is a member of AMSRO.



Location and contact

  • SA

    Contact person: Luke Sexton
    Phone: 0882271729

    L3, 68 Grenfell St
    Adelaide SA 5000
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