AEC Group Limited

AEC Group Pty Ltd (AEC) is a company that is fully owned by its employees. From humble beginnings in 1993, we have grown to become a global company operating in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.

During this time we have evolved into a company that is built around information and the provision of solutions. The projects we undertake for our clients represent their greatest challenges. They often present no obvious answers, are fraught with risk and hold substantial implications for the future success of the organisation. We work closely with our clients to present a comprehensive range of strategies available, evaluate the consequences of each option and develop recommendations for the most appropriate path forward. Most importantly, we assist our clients in implementing these strategies. We work side by side with our clients to ensure they achieve maximum benefit from our involvement.

Our clients embrace this integrated approach where each element reflects on the next and depends on each other. We achieve this integration through our service lines of:

Agriculture & Resources
Regional Development
Property, Planning & Development
Strategic Finance
Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality
Market & Community Research

We offer a seamless transition between divisions where fully integrated solutions are developed and implemented. We provide single-point accountability through a single client manager who co-ordinates, and has responsibility for, the tasks required from our entire suite of services. Quite simply, there are no other consulting firms who offer the range of services and depth of experience as we do, all in-house.

We have strong business acumen that has been developed from our own investments in the manufacturing, hospitality, trade, agricultural, construction and property sectors. We are a consulting firm that takes its own advice and invest where we see opportunity. As a result we have developed a hands on approach to business consulting that has a real world focus.

Every member of the AEC Board works within the business. We recognise that AEC's operations have the ability to influence the broader business environment and society as a whole and have implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility policy designed to assist and guide sustainable business development to the benefit of all stakeholders including governance, workplace, marketplace, community and environment.

Innovation, creativity and vision are derived from talented people working well together in a productive environment. We encompass a multitude of disciplines stretching from technical quantitative economists, cutting edge software engineers, highly creative graphic designers and advertisers through to environmental and social scientists.

Our footprint makes us one of only a few advisers that can deliver simultaneously a truly global and local solution. We offer a unified team that has both local in-country knowledge and a global perspective allowing us to provide outcomes for our clients that account for their unique position in the marketplace.



Locations and contact

  • QLD

    Contact person: Ashley Page
    Phone: 0747715550

    233 Flinders St East
    Townsville QLD 4810
  • NT

    Contact person: Ashley Page
    Phone: 1300799343

    L1, 48-50 Smith St
    Darwin NT 800
  • WA

    Contact person: John Syme
    Phone: 0865554940

    L2 580 Hay St
    Perth WA 6000
  • VIC

    Contact person: Ashley Page
    Phone: 0386486586

    L13 200 Queen St
    Melbourne VIC 3000
  • NSW

    Contact person: Adam Matthews
    Phone: 0292838400

    L14 25 Bligh St
    Sydney NSW 2000
  • QLD

    Contact person: Ashley Page
    Phone: 0738310577

    L5, 131 Leichhardt St
    Spring Hill QLD 4000
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