Agents of Spring

We help businesses to solve problems, identify growth opportunities and generate new ideas using consumer research, creative problem solving and design thinking.

The Agents of Spring approach is playful and imaginative. Our innovation process uses right-brain creativity and left-brain rationality to explore ideas and challenges in new ways and encourage breakthrough thinking.

Innovation is not just about new product development. It can include new services, business processes, channels to market and business strategies.

Agents of Spring is passionate about partnering with our clients to discover your incredible. Contact us to learn how we can work with you to awaken creativity, generate fresh consumer insights, and develop inspired solutions that drive growth for your business.

To us, incredible is like the first day of spring. The days get longer, the leaves bud, vibrant flowers blossom and animals are born into the abundance of food. The world around us buzzes with renewed energy and anything seems possible.

At Agents of Spring, we specialise in partnering with clients to unearth the incredible in your organisation and bring it to life. Harnessing creativity, curiosity and a spirit of adventure, our approach to innovation is flexible rather than linear – allowing us to diverge and converge throughout the problem solving process.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Evette Cordy
    Phone: 0396298998

    S5 L3 517 Flinders Lane
    Melbourne VIC 3000
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