Born out of IPG’s media agencies, Anomaly is a boutique research and analytics unit specialising in the media and advertising sector. Servicing a wide range of clients, both big and small, Anomaly work to extract insights from customer, media, market, economic and research data and intertwine sources to deliver more holistic answers to our clients’ problems. Offering a wide range of research and analytical solutions from in-depth face to face interviews to research panel development and management, customer behavioural segmentation to market mix modelling and attribution modelling. With the increasing need to deliver real-time, actionable insights to client desktops, data visualisation is also an increasingly important part of Anomaly’s unique service solution.

Combining the logical thinking of ‘big data’ analytics with the more intuitive thought processes involved in consumer research is a challenge, but it’s the future of marketing and it’s what we do.



Locations and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Melanie Ingrey
    Phone: 0283732200

    L3 100 Chalmers St
    Surry Hills NSW 2010
  • VIC

    Contact person: Kerrie Wade
    Phone: 0388882900

    L3 468 St Kilda Rd
    Melbourne VIC 3004
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