Aptitude & Insight

Aptitude & Insight is a market research and performance psychology consultancy.

We help community organizations, businesses and individuals sustainably grow and flourish by applying psychologically based market research and performance methods to improve organizations and people.

We operate in two areas - Market Research and Performance Development.

Market Research Services

Our Market Research and Strategy Services are specifically constructed to help you cost effectively research and meet the needs of your customers, audiences and stakeholders. We offer affordable market research options for cost constrained organizations to resolve issues concerning: sales growth; service; brand identity management and future planning.

A&I's objective is make market research accessible to small organizations and businesses who normally believe that high quality research is beyond their financial means.

Affordable Market Research Options for Cost Constrained Organizations. Using low cost high value research designs, our purpose is to bring to life the insights of your customers, audiences and staff in ways that immediately highlight where and how you can improve your services.

Individual and Organization Performance Development

Aptitude & Insight's Psychologists also design and deliver a range of performance enhancement and careers development solutions for individuals and organizations. We address and tackle problems concerning: job design, enhanced leadership, team harmony, organizational change, staff feedback and career development.

Our Performance Management and Career Services are tailored for individuals and organizations who see a gap between where they are and where they would like to be. We apply practices developed from the fields of organizational, performance and careers psychology to enhance performance and help create healthy work places.

Our goal is to generate personal and organizational insights which positively shape attitudes and transform people's work and careers.

Applying evidence based psychological approaches and techniques we aspire to sustainably enhance the performance of people and organizations.


Website: http://www.aptitudeandinsight.com

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Frank Wilson
    Phone: 0412303538
    Email: franknwilson@gmail.com

    110 Pittwater Rd
    Manley NSW 2095
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