Australia Online Research

AOR is a company that recognises that we need to provide clients with guideines, based on research insights, to improve the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and generate sales. This requires measuring and understanding the key "drivers" of behaviour, and their contribution to sales and profit.

With our experience of how to manage Online research, as well as Mystery Shopping, we are able to uniquely understand the customer experience, and use this knowledge to assist you in building a targeted strategy.

Whether the client need is to manage and add value to your existing research programme, or to conduct a full service project using the "best practice" data collection agencies, we can assist. AOR is currently conducting work in the following areas to assist our clients:-

Social Values Segmentation using the "Mentality International-Model of Motivation". These five values segments, as measured in Australia, allow clients to look at other data collected on customer experience, brand and advertising within 'Values' segments, for better targeting and insights.

AOR Customer Service Benchmark Report which compares client data against competitors in the same industry and organistions across industry categories.

Access to QOR Online Panel, to provide best quality online research, from recruitment source (Exclusively from First Direct, a division of Australia Post) to panel management, weighting and personalised client profiling.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Brian Fine
    Phone: 0294182380

    SE10, 33 Ryde Rd
    Pymble NSW 2073
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