BARR N0NE create empowering brands, helping organisations harness the power of people. We use information and inspiration to create brands that empower people to take positive action. To choose your brand. To buy, wear and share your products and services. To join your team. And to work with purpose, confidence and autonomy.

We inject culture into strategy by bring together the insight of market research, logic of strategic planning and big ideas of creative minds. This unique combination of talent and experience allows us to remain channel agnostic and plan for potential cultural risks, monitor and adapt strategy in action, and update plans to reflect market behaviour.

We partner with organisations to launch new brands and evolve existing ones, using strategies that align organisational objectives with the desires and behaviours of customers, prospective customers and employees.

To give you a taste of how we can help your brand become part of the cultural fabric, some of our specialities include brand health audits, marketing effectiveness, employee engagement, proposition testing and creative development. We use an agile combination of stated opinions with real world behavioural data to provide the most relevant insights to our clients. We provide end to end insight from advertising awareness through to at shelf purchase and in home product experience to help our clients uncover key moments of the full customer journey. While our specialties are communications and culture, we’re skilled in developing bespoke methodologies to help our clients solve the trickiest of problems.

We work with organisations who think big (even if they are not big yet), and have experience consulting across industries including telco, banking, FMCG, Government, health, hospitality and beauty, to name a few.

Barr None Managing Director: Steph Barr



Locations and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Steph Barr
    Phone: +61403 179 939

    L2 287 Collins Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000
  • NSW

    Contact person: Steph Barr
    Phone: +61403 179 939

    L8 99 Elizabeth Street
    Sydney NSW 2000
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