Bastion Latitude

At Bastion Latitude we discover why and uncover how.

Our strength is in combining the research know-how with the skills to deliver the real story in a compelling way. This is what matters most – finding the truth and telling it in a way that can be heard.

We help our clients discover truths about their target audiences and then to uncover ways of applying those insights in the context of what they need to achieve next. We do this by understanding the human experience of brands, products and society through insight generation.

We navigate our ever-changing world by understanding how humans respond to new product development, communications, brand engagement, experience design and behavioural change strategies. From users, customers, communities or stakeholders, we gather the right information from the right people in the right way to uncover the right insights. We design research to efficiently deliver against research objectives and use cutting edge technology to extend our reach and understanding of target audiences.

However, it is our skill in delivering those insights to our clients in a way that is meaningful, actionable and sharable across the business that makes the difference. Our strategic thinking, coupled with a strong sense for design means we deliver the right insights in the right way for the right audience.

Our team comprises specialists from a range of research areas including brand & communications, product innovation, experience design, right through to social marketing and behaviour & organisational change.

Research is not what we do ... it is who we are. We are Bastion Latitude. What can we discover together?



Locations and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Dianne Gardiner
    Phone: 0396436595

    14-18 Cremorne St
    Richmond VIC 3121
  • NSW

    Contact person: Dianne Gardiner
    Phone: 0396436595

    180 Commonwealth St
    Surry Hills NSW 2010
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