In physics, a beat wave is produced when two waves with slightly different frequencies converge.

In marketing, Beatwave is the result achieved when a diverse group of high-quality specialists work together as a team to produce an irresistible wave of communications.

As a 'virtual' resource, Beatwave has all the elements of a regular advertising agency - as well as some even the biggest don't have - minus the bricks, mortar and associated overheads.

All of which just leaves you with the most valuable assets: people. In our case, that means people who've made successful careers out of making brands successful, both in Australia and overseas.

People who are self-motivated, self-employed and self-disciplined, with experience you can draw on for a result you can count on.

What we do.

In a nutshell, we create, integrate and manage a broad range of research and communications, honed with rigorous strategic thinking into attention-grabbing and measurably effective, creative solutions. Our clients are local, regional, national and global businesses, Government and not-for-profit organisations.

We gather consumer and social research, develop strategies, create concepts for advertising, design, public relations, corporate relations, sales promotion, interactive media and direct marketing. These are delivered by a range of above- and below-the-line executions.

Beatwave's register of pre-qualified specialists provides additional resourcing t answer the full range of your communication needs.

What's more, we work closely with expert advisors (e.g. producers, manufacturers, media planners) to recommend the optimum communications solution for any given project without prejudice or vested interest.

The Beatwave difference?

We're different from many others in a number of obvious ways, as well as some that are very subtle.

For instance, we've built a reputation for providing marketing communications solutions that are well-planned and executed but require a minimum of time and resource-consuming activities from our clients (such as meetings with hoards of agency staff).

Clients who work with us enjoy immediate access to the most appropriate and professional provider for their specific needs.

Beatwave also champions a strong Code of Ethics:

We are transparent in our approach to financial quoting and reporting (to both clients and suppliers)
We demonstrate our commitment to the environment
We uphold policies which will ensure that all of those who operate within our sphere are treated safely, fairly, sustainably and equally.



Location and contact

  • SA

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0418671690

    Adelaide SA 5000
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