Beddoes Institute

Beddoes Institute uses an evidence-based approach to equip financial advice practices with the information and tools needed to maximise profitability and ensure long-term sustainability. Specifically:

Quality client feedback from our Client Experience Survey is used to diagnose strengths and weaknesses of your financial advice practice; Practice Benchmarking provides an objective assessment of how your practice performs compared to others; and Our Leading Practices Library gives you access to actions and techniques that drive positive business outcomes in top performing practices. We promise to:

Deliver a high quality, evidence-based improvement program for financial advice practices; Make the program affordable, irrespective of practice size or structure; Provide an interactive web portal to deliver business data and diagnostics that can be accessed at any time; Make it easy to integrate the business improvement program in your practice and measure success; Deliver a timely program, ensuring that you receive your business diagnostics and solutions in real time; Minimise the impact on your resources and business during program implementation; and Deliver outcomes that align with the structure of your business and map to the needs of your clients.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0388624762

    L1 297 Canterbury Rd
    Canterbury VIC 3126
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