BIS Shrapnel

Since 1964, BIS Shrapnel has been helping clients gain a leading edge by sharing our extensive business database and highly regarded reports.

Our reputation is built on a unique blend of three ingredients: proprietary market research, industry networking, and methodologies for forecasting that have stood the test of time.

BIS Shrapnel is one hundred percent Australian owned. We are an independent company with no vested interests. Out of offices in Sydney and Melbourne, we operate globally to service clients around the world.

We offer strategy briefings, policy evaluation, expert opinions, and advocacy work. We can provide a business case. Through tailored projects we provide value-added research solutions to address specific business issues.

BIS Shrapnel is renowned for its industry reports on Building Forecasting, Residential Property, Commercial Property, Infrastructure and Mining, Transport, Building Materials Research, Household Appliances and Products, Forestry, and Paper & Packaging. Our Economic reports covering the whole economy have been a staple for decades.

Our clients include many of Australia’s largest companies, and national economic authorities are among our subscribers.

Our team of professionals speak at conferences across Australia and beyond, and are often interviewed for newspapers and TV.

Australia’s premier provider of industry research and forecasting services, BIS Shrapnel is an essential resource for your decision making.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0299595924

    8th Floor, 99 Walker St
    North Sydney NSW 2060
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