Blaze Research

Our projects can be strategic, tactical, creative, commercial, large or small, but the outputs always facilitate action. We ensure we understand what needs to happen inside and outside the company for your business initiative to really take off.

We design all projects with the end in mind, ensuring we are able to outline not only `what` and `why` but `how to` develop ideas that work in the market.

This may mean different questioning, or different analysis. It means different outputs - instantly usable, practical and inspiring. It's a different way of designing projects aimed at helping you and the team start down right path, quicker and easier.

Our offer begins with market opportunity identification and works through to crafting solutions in product, brand and communications to optimise performance against those opportunities. But we can start at any point along that process.

Our tools range from the commercial to the creative, and include
Adapted traditional research techniques
Semiotic cultural analysis
Market modelling
Brand story telling
Communication processing analysis,
Strategic planning and brand consultancy
Some of our studies are very large others very small, some more creative in focus others more commercial, some take 12 months others 12 hours.

Outputs are fit to purpose and could be simple strategic one page reports, engage and deploy workshops or even interactive multimedia encyclopedias.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Sara Garcia, Alex Vishney, Victoria Gamble
    Phone: 0294600606

    SE2, G, 30 Alfred St
    Milsons Point NSW 2061
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