Blue Helix

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That’s because understanding consumer behaviour is our specialty. blue helix is a market research company that synthesises academic science with real world experience. This unique combination provides our clients with research and strategy input that is theoretically advanced, yet able to be applied within the realities of a pressured business environment.

Research comes in many shades and colours

That’s because it should be designed to meet a client’s needs, and they are always unique. At blue helix, a lot of our work falls under the headings on this page, but we’re always up for a challenge. We’re experts in the technical aspects of research design, which allows us to create new approaches that work, rather than be bound to repeat what the industry has always done.

Research experience, in everything from Automotive to Zinc

Every year in research brings another kaleidoscope of people, products and businesses. blue helix researchers have amassed a great deal of experience in the unusual (like studying how people do their ironing), as well as some of the largest and most important sectors in the business community. And if we haven’t done it before, we’d love to dive into a new area.



Location and contact

  • QLD

    Contact person: Paul Bowers
    Phone: 0731619956

    39 Kentville St
    Mitchelton QLD 4053
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