Blue Planet Research & Consulting

Georgi Chan (Areni)

Director at several leading Australian market research agencies prior to establishing Blue Planet. Portfolio of clients included Australian and global organisations across banking and financial services, pharmaceutical, fast moving consumer goods, not for profits, universities and government agencies. Experienced workshop facilitator for various audiences including clients and expert stakeholders.

What we do

Behaviour and attitudinal segmentation;
Behaviour change programs;
Policy development and evaluation;
Trends and issues identification and benchmarking;User and employee satisfaction;
Brand health and communications tracking;
Communications development and evaluation;
New product or service development and optimisation;
Program, service quality and professionalism evaluation;
Marketing effectiveness, sizing, ROI and monitoring;
General mind and mood or public opinion gathering.

We marry deep understanding of markets, channels, brands, innovation, positioning and communication with cutting edge technological platforms (off the shelf or custom built) to engage with and research target group’s wants and needs.
We answer questions which require insight and statistical rigour. We routinely run workshops with our clients pre-brief to crystalise objectives, and post de-brief to ensure learnings are embedded into next steps within the organisation.

We produce tools and analytic models developed to help our clients make future decisions, not just understand the current status quo.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Georgi Chan (Areni)
    Phone: 0286684897

    8 Highland Cres
    Earlwood NSW 2206
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