Imagine occupying a clear, unique, relevant and compelling position in the market. Imagine, as a result, your customers and prospects being disinterested in alternatives. Imagine top talent seeking you out. Imagine every communication from your organisation being expressed with clarity and consistency. And imagine every client experience reflecting and reinforcing your brand promise.

At BrandMatters, we’re here to help you make your brand aspirations a reality - we’re in the business of building strong, enduring brands that enable business growth.

Established in 2002, BrandMatters is a brand strategy, design and marketing consultancy. We partner with medium to large organisations across many industries - yet we have a deep specialisation in financial services and B2B.

We are a team of nine - strategists, researchers, marketers, designers and client managers - that believes, to our core, in the transformative power of brand. This isn’t just a job to us – we love what we do! We also understand and empathise with the business challenges and practicalities our clients face, having worked client-side for many years.

We believe that building strong, successful brands requires equal parts science and imagination. At BrandMatters, we combine powerful, research-derived insights and disciplined strategy, with a healthy dose of intuition and creative excellence to define and express your brand’s unique essence.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0299547900

    S505 5 Hunter St
    Sydney NSW 2000
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