Cat Bird Seat

At Cat Bird Seat we offer research based strategy partnership to identify opportunities for growth.

Firstly we work with our clients to scope out the issues: What do we need to achieve and why? What do we need to know to get there?

Identifying opportunities for growth is based on a really good understanding of the target market: How they see the world? What makes them tick? How they see brands and react to brand interactions?

At Cat Bird Seat we use a variety of techniques to do this: Desk research: internet search; social media; trend research Primary research: qualitative; observational; ethnographic; quantitative Attitudinal and behavioural psychology

We then apply our strategic and commercial expertise to highlight the best solutions, pathways and opportunities for our clients and their brands.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0294601621

    Sydney NSW 2000
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