Chime Insight & Engagement

We are a leading, top 10 insight group part of Chime Communications

Chime Insight & Engagement Group are the strategic research group within Chime Communications.

We realise the power of customer insight and lead the way with the philosophy that research is only worth doing if it leads to action and ROI for our clients.

Our driving aim is to help organisations identify and deliver a clear way forward.

We work in partnership with our clients - using our unique, creative engagement techniques to embed findings within their business, we help to deliver a bottom line commercial return.

Chime Insight & Engagement is lucky to be supported by the team of communications experts within Chime Communications. Chime Communications is an international communications and sports marketing group, including CSM Sport and Entertainment, the VCCP Partnership in advertising and the Good Relations Group in public relations. Chime Communications is made up of five divisions, 51 companies and over 1,500 people. As a multi faceted agency group we can draw on the scale, quality and expert technical knowledge of our specialised fieldwork focused agencies.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Floyd McMillan

    1 Blackburn St
    Surry Hills NSW 2010
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