CIRCA, Cultural and Indigenous Research Centre Australia

CIRCA, with 20 years experience, is an industry leader in research and evaluation with culturally diverse communities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We are commissioned by Government and non-government agencies and corporate sector to inform their understanding of the diversity of voices across the Australian population.

Our key strength is our extensive national network of highly skilled bilingual and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research consultants. Our approach delivers insightful outcomes for clients while upholding a culturally sensitive, respectful and collaborative approach.

Our team have strong research, evaluation, policy and communications backgrounds and extensive experience working in cross-cultural settings. This unparalleled experience and depth of knowledge offers significant value for our clients when developing strategies, programs or services.

Methodologies are tailored to each project, and include community consultation and engagement, in-depth interviewing, focus groups, survey data, participatory methods, as well as other approaches appropriate for a given context.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Anne Redman & Alison Faure-Brac
    Phone: 0285851353
    Email: or

    L1, 93 Norton St
    Leichhardt NSW 2040
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