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Louise is a seasoned and commercially minded qualitative researcher with 20 years in the industry. Louise has been active in the development of new qualitative methodologies, and has contributed to shaping contemporary thinking in qualitative research, particularly in the areas of consumer co-creation, consumer mind mapping, consumer profiling and shopper research.

She has received several awards, including the best paper award by the AMSRS for her paper on consumer co-creation titled ‘The Secret to a Successful Marriage: When perception meets reality in the ideation process’.

Most days you will find Louise talking to consumers and shoppers in a variety of in-situ, group and online settings observing and understanding their attitudes and behaviours.
Louise is an accomplished workshop facilitator, leading internal brand teams in the development of brand and innovation initiatives.

In 2015 Louise established CLICK research and now works closely with some of the best FMCG brands from Australia and around the globe



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Louise McDonald

    Sydney NSW 2000
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