Cognition Research

It's all about people.. people are fascinating
That's why we do what we do.

People are smart, and not so smart, fun, bored, intrigued, sometimes grumpy often delighted, shy, zany, chatty, worried about their looks, ambitious, can have bad taste in clothes, be great cooks, defensive and courageous. The lucky ones get to be in love, some never do.

We believe that consumers are not the rational agents historically portrayed in economics, but emotionally driven and frequently irrational. Understanding people's deeper needs and motivations is key.

We draw upon behavioural economics and current learning from cognitive psychology to guide our work.

Consumers are not always aware of the factors that influence their behaviour. Therefore we delineate between research to understand 'consumer behaviour' and consumer's attitudes and select our approach accordingly.

We never forget that we are all people: the consumers we study, ourselves, our clients and this is the core of our business.

Cognition: a new breed of consumer intelligence company. Providing research services and consumer behaviour consultancy.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Bill Morgan
    Phone: 0431456476

    27 Burnie St
    Clovelly NSW 2031
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