Compass Research

Compass Research is the social and market research arm of Cairns based Cummings Economics.

The firm has been providing professional market and social research services to clients ranging from Sydney to the Torres Strait and across to the Northern Territory, since the early 1980’s.

The firm has a highly experienced team that can carry out tasks promptly and efficiently. The firm is a long standing member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society and adheres to the highest standards of professional conduct and confidentiality.

Apart from having carried out numerous quantitative household and business telephone, shopping centre and street surveys, the firm has carried out numerous qualitative research tasks involving focus groups and in-depth interviewing.

Because of its location, the firm has particularly strong experience in:
Research in a regional community context.
Organising and carrying out surveying away from its home base.
Visitor interviewing and airport interviewing, including in non-English languages.
Research in indigenous communities.

The firm’s clients over the years read like a 'Who’s Who' in business, organisations and governments in the north, including many leading firms, key regional organisations, government departments and agencies.

The firm’s quality research work stands behind many of the region’s successful projects, much of its marketing, and the successful functioning over the years of many businesses and agencies.



Location and contact

  • QLD

    Contact person: Andrew Cummings
    Phone: 0740312888

    38 Grafton St
    Cairns QLD 4870
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