Cookie Dough Research and Marketing

Real insights to create the right marketing mix
Successful marketing starts with knowing who your customer is, and what they want. Do their choices alter with changes to their lifestyle, economic circumstances or buying channel?

Research helps uncover these issues to provide a clearer picture of the market and align your offer to changing demand. Once you hold real insights about your customers’ behaviour, and analyse how you can best meet their needs, you can determine how to position your brand and communicate to your audience through a variety of marketing tools and campaign techniques.

Like any good recipe, when marketing your brand, certain fundamentals such as research, analysis and planning can’t be ignored or the mix will flop. The magic is in how these elements are employed – thus at Cookie Dough, we blend together art and science to create your ideal marketing mix and achieve sweet results.

What we do
Cookie Dough performs stand-alone B2B and B2C research projects for clients. We also undertake research in the first step of developing strategic marketing plans or campaign plans. This process includes reviewing all the available inputs, comparing and analysing the external and internal issues, then formulating and rolling-out a strategic marketing mix unique to your needs.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Michelle Brooks
    Phone: 0386178140

    L5 99 Queen St
    Melbourne VIC 3000
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