Cooper Symons & Associates

Cooper Symons & Associates was established in 1991 and have been providing high quality market research recruiting services throughout Australia.

Our clients include major corporations in the telecommunications, banking, manufacturing, FMCG, government sector, as well as advertising agencies and market research suppliers and marketing consultants.

Consumer Recruiting:
Cooper Symons & Associates can recruit GENERAL PUBLIC participants to your focus group discussions, one on one interviews, clinics, adlabs, shadow/accompanied shops, ethnographic interviews and affinity groups.

Based in Melbourne we have been recruiting Australiawide for more than 23 years. To streamline and manage your recruiting projects, we will liaise with any other interstate agencies. Venues can be arranged whether formal rooms, home venues or alternative venues such as hotels, conference centres etc depending on client requirements.

Business to Business:
Cooper Symons & Associates are experienced SMALL BUSINESS recruiters, recruiting a full range of SME’s from sole traders, to businesses under 100 employees.

We have extensive experience recruiting LARGER and CORPORATE personnel recruiting all levels of interviews from extremely senior personnel to the person who delivers the mail.

We also organize business focus group discussions and one on one interviews acroos all industries including retail, professional and business services, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, government, medical, pharmaceutical organisations. Participants either cold called, contacted from client lists or our own business panel.

Business recruiting can be conducted in both metropolitain and regional Australia.

Client Lists (customers/members):
Cooper Symons & Associates will treat your clients customers/members with respect and professionalism.

We can undertake list recruiting, under supervision, from our offices and can recruit anywhere in Australia, for both focus group discussions and one on one interviews.

Our ‘list’ recruiters are well trained, experienced and will handle client contacts with sensitivity. We abide by “Privacy Act”, and our recruiting team can recruit the full range, from shareholders to bank credit card holders, professional members to telecommunications customers and of course confidential respondents from government departments including Social Security, Health etc (federal and state levels).



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Abigail Cooper and Carmel Symons
    Phone: 0395330522

    SE2, 600 North Rd
    Ormond VIC 3204
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