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Creating Communities is a consultancy dedicated to using the power of community to drive positive economic, environmental and social outcomes.

We improve the way our clients connect and gain value from their communities by understanding the potential mutual benefits that sit at the intersection of the interests of people, community, industry and government. It is this focus on the realisation of the nexus of interests that, we believe, makes us different, alongside a fundamental desire to improve the lives and livelihoods of people.

Since opening our doors in 1992, we have amassed a significant portfolio of award-winning projects demonstrating how our unique approach to people, place and community can solve problems in settings as diverse as suburban street corners, remote country towns, boardrooms, isolated Aboriginal communities, town centres, university campuses, virtual networks, planning forums, shopping centres and local government areas the size of England.

As communities mushroom in cities throughout the world and industries seek new and lasting ways to build brand loyalty, the scope and potential to create lasting social returns becomes near-infinite. And this has been our ambition all along, to realise lasting social benefits through partnerships between communities, industry and government. This dream has led us to work with leading firms and institutions to leverage the social dimensions of their business in ever more adventurous and exciting initiatives.

We love our work and the mind-bending array of challenges our clients entrust to us, such as: innovation in Fly-In Fly-Out practices, town centre revitalisation, strengthening the social fabric and economies of remote communities, building governance capacity amongst rural women, activating parks, staging community markets, delivering public and community art projects, developing youth strategies, managing community safety projects, formulating community engagement and development policy, assisting school-to-work transition, initiating employment projects for vulnerable youth, streamlining approvals processes on complex, protracted projects, understanding the impacts and mitigation of massive resource projects, managing stakeholder relationships and partnerships, overseeing community sponsorship programs and much more.

Underpinning all our work is our deep commitment to keeping community front and centre in projects. Our models, such as the Sociology of Community, serve as a solid and adaptable foundation, informing old, new and constantly-evolving planning approaches, policy and practice.

Our approaches have been tested over decades and shown to deliver substantial dividends to community and industry. And our multi-disciplinary team of researchers, anthropologists, international development workers, community managers, urban designers, strategists, facilitators, engagement professionals, educationalists, graphic designers and writers provide the broad view necessary to find new ways that work.

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