Crosby|Textor Research Strategies Results

An unmatched pedigree

The C|T Group is the creation of campaign strategists, Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor.
We offer an unmatched pedigree combining comprehensive experience in market
research, strategic communications and campaign execution.

The C|T Group delivers powerful, targeted solutions built on the foundation of research
and insights into the highest levels of business, capital markets, government,
bureaucracy and the media.

We appreciate the impact of timely information and the need to identify and focus resources on your most persuadable 'swing' targets and stakeholders.

Combined with understanding the elements of effective corporate leadership and the power of
values-based communication, these lessons have been applied, with great success, for corporate clients, industry associations, investors and governments.



Locations and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Yaron Finkelstein
    Phone: 0291039200

    L26 Governor Macquarie Tower 1 Farrer Pl
    Sydney NSW 2000
  • ACT

    Contact person: Giorgia Christmas
    Phone: 0262735447

    S11 18 National Circuit
    Barton ACT 2600
  • QLD

    Contact person: Leanne White
    Phone: 0477039927

    Brisbane QLD 4000
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