Culture Counts

Culture Counts provides an easy to use cloud-based software system that captures feedback from artists, curators, producers, expert peers and audience members about their experiences using internationally tested and academically validated metrics. In addition Culture Counts offers expert consulting and reporting services to assist organisations to interpret and use data in a range of effective ways. This includes aligning the metrics with organisations’ strategic plans, to measure and understand the extent to which their key objectives are being achieved, and to benchmark against similar organisations.

Culture Counts cares passionately about supporting our partners to produce richer stories about their unique impact and value, facilitate deeper engagement and interaction with audiences and communities, and build stronger cases for support and investment.



Locations and contact

  • WA

    Contact person: Michael Chappell
    Phone: 0893256551

    162 580 Hay St
    Perth WA 6000
  • VIC

    Contact person: Georgia Moore
    Phone: 0396545775

    L7 12-20 Flinders Lane
    Melbourne VIC 3000
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