What kind of consultancy is Customcom?

Customcom is an independent research consultancy. This means you have excellent access to the Principal and first class care all the way.

Where does Customcom operate?
Kym works throughout the Asia-Pacific. She has clients across Australia and she conducts research outside of Australia.
She is strongly interested in donors and other supporters across the region. Her home is on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Do you do prospect research?
Customcom's services are complementary to, but do not include, prospect research.

Here is the difference: prospect research is largely concerned with informing you about individuals' known behaviour and proclivities. Instead, Customcom seeks to offer you the supporter perspective: what they really think and feel behind their behaviour, especially in relation to your organisation.

By providing a 'safe' place to share themselves, they reveal what matters to them.

Customcom is mainly concerned with those who have had dealings with your organisation, in whatever form. Research is undertaken to better understand how they make sense of what you offer and how you communicate with them. The data collected relates to relationship-building and it comes directly from the segment of interest. It builds on your earlier data, either extending or updating.

We're not ready to do research. Can I get some advice?
Absolutely. Contact Dr Madden anytime for a no-obligation conversation. Get tips to smooth the way for quality data collection when you are ready.

Who is Kym Madden?
Dr Madden is 100% committed to building support for the non-profit sector. She believes that open feedback by supporters about the things they see as important help organisations. By better meeting supporter needs, organisations cultivate loyalty and positive word of mouth.

Kym Madden is an accredited QPMR researcher with the Australian Market & Social Research Society and has served that peak body on a pro bono basis. For more about what QPMR offers you:

She is a member of the international group, the Qualitative Research Consultants Association, and serves on the editorial board for international journal Voluntary Sector Review.

She holds a PhD in relationship-building by organisations, a Masters with Honors in public communication campaigns, and a Bachelor of Business (Communication).

Prior to offering research services directly to nonprofit organisations, Kym was Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Studies at Queensland University of Technology. She researched philanthropy for almost 10 years.

Kym's background is as a practitioner and academic in marketing and communication, especially for services. She approaches research as an essential resource that must address issues and concerns. Her philosophy is 'user-centred', that is, she seeks the holistic picture that is experienced by a donor or other supporter.

Isn't market research too expensive?
If you are spending a sizeable amount of money, time and energy on cultivation efforts, this is an investment that's worth its weight in gold. For example, good quality focus group research provides deep insights into those you are seeking to engage. Findings are useful: they help to shape strategy and prioritise when everything is clamouring to be done.

DIY research serves the purpose when an organisation is in its earliest stage but does not deliver the comprehensiveness and accuracy wanted as stakes increase. It is also not time-efficient.

Kym will work with you on alternatives to match your aims and your budget. She is happy to discuss your options with no obligation.



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  • QLD

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0438357772

    Peregian Beach QLD 4574
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