Deborah Wilson Consulting Services Pty Ltd

With a track record of over 30 years delivering services in Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand, Deborah Wilson Consulting Services (DWCS) delivers services that assist industry sectors, major project supply chains and regional economies to build capabilities, support growth and create skills and employment. The company works with mining, oil and gas, energy, building and construction, rail, manufacturing, services, regional economies, government and skills sectors.

Services include:

Major projects - DWCS is a leading expert in the major projects market providing high performance services to all levels of the supply chain:
Capability profiles and advice on supply chain engagement for suppliers.
Community and stakeholder research.
Capability development for suppliers at all tier levels.
Research to monitor project delivery performance (tier 1 and lower tiers).
Opportunity identification for suppliers.
Tools to boost supply chain performance for suppliers and projects.
Analysis of trends in the major projects market.
The company's work is recognised as leading edge in terms of quality and relevance to the major projects market.

Working with Indigenous businesses and communities on major project supply chain capabilities and opportunities, as well as community development.
Regional and economic development - economic development plans for cities and regions, feasibility studies e.g. training, employment, new regional facilities.
Industry development - industry research, sector development strategies and skills studies. Covers manufacturing, rail, fibre composites, transport, and industrial services.
Market research - focus groups, executive interviews and surveys.
Consulting services - business improvement, business planning, facilitation services and workshops.



Location and contact

  • QLD

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0733927978

    5 School Rd
    Yeronga QLD 4104
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