Di Marzio Research Pty Ltd

The Di Marzio Research Story

In 1989, Kim Di Marzio and Peter Worthington created Worthington Di Marzio, which quickly developed a reputation as a passionate and quality full service consultancy with an impressive client list. This remains the case with Di Marzio Research, which came into being after the sad passing of Peter Worthington in 2006. Kim Di Marzio is the principal and a hands-on researcher supported by an experienced team.

Di Marzio Research is also a family business. In 2006, Kim’s son Paul joined the company following his tertiary marketing studies, both here and in the USA, and then a position with Nike Australia. Paul’s enthusiasm, professionalism, and creativity, along with his marketing background have added another dimension to the company.

We have a father and son team, a synergistic blend of experience and youth, the Worthington Di Marzio past (proud and instructive), the present (contemporary) and the future (exciting).

You can read more about Di Marzio Research in it's 'Behind the Business' blog series which features Paul's perspectives on working...


Website: http://www.dmresearch.com.au

Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Paul Di Marzio
    Phone: 0401626509
    Email: paul@dmresearch.com.au

    5 Jolen Court
    Donvale VIC 3111
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