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Directional Insights specialise in researching consumer behaviour and delivering powerful insights to our partners in the Retail, Residential and Commercial Property markets.

We have the knowledge, experience and resources to holistically design, manage and deliver your research needs.

We translate research findings into consumer insights and provide actionable strategic directions to help you maximise the value and performance of your consumer based property or business.

We undertake both quantitative and qualitative research studies, which typically employ one or more of the following research techniques to gather important intelligence about your customers:

​Customer Exit and Intercept Interviews
Telephone Surveys
Focus Groups
Online surveys
In-depth Interviews
Executive Interviews
Vox Pop Video Research
Segmentation Studies
Directional Insights also produces the highly coveted Consumer Benchmarks for Shopping Centres, which it uses as a comparison and evaluation tool to measure the performance of your retail asset/centre against the performance of the industry.

This proprietary evaluation tool provides vital benchmarks and averages which illustrate typical customer trends, behaviours, patterns and characteristics and allow our partners to achieve greater insight into the shopping behaviour of Australians.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Peter Kelly
    Phone: 1300138651

    SE305, L3 275 Alfred St
    North Sydney NSW 2060
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