Empirica Research

Offering the best of both worlds in consumer & social research.

Our work is diverse, but our philosophy across these projects is the same: inject academic, evidence-based research into commercial projects while keeping a clear focus on real-world, actionable insights.

Empirica Research is a specialist in behaviour change research. Our founder, Cassie, has a PhD in Psychology and is an Honorary Fellow in the University of Melbourne’s School of Psychological Sciences where she still lectures for the 3rd Year Psychology program and the Graduate Diploma program. We are passionate about conducting smart research for smart clients and we utilise our unique links to the academic world to bring an added level of insight to our projects.

Given our strong background in psychology, Empirica Research specialises in behaviour change research. Our researchers are well versed in current behaviour change research and theories, allowing us to provide a tailored multi-theory approach to research. Time and time again we see examples of marketing/communications that are limited by their reliance on out-dated behaviour change theories such as the Transtheoretical Model (i.e., the Stages of Change Model) or the reasoned action approach. Whilst these theories are a great starting point for behaviour change research, they are limited in the extent to which they can guide the development of social marketing/communications campaigns that are unique and hard-hitting...


Website: http://www.empiricaresearch.com.au

Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0396420665
    Email: melb@empiricaresearch.com.au

    903 365 Little Collins St
    Melbourne VIC 3000
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