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Enterprise Marketing was established by Tony Hocking in 1987 after he realised the need for market consultancy in Tasmania and an opportunity to successfully enter the market. The company was subsequently named Enterprise Marketing and Research Services Pty Ltd (EMRS) and continues to set a benchmark of excellence in the research industry.

In 1993, EMRS (then Enterprise Marketing) gained industry accreditation and certification by Interviewer Quality Control Australia (IQCA), becoming one of the first companies in Australia to do so. The company has gained accreditation in the proceeding years, and will continue to do so in the forthcoming years.

Following the retirement of Tony Hocking in 2009, an experienced member of the EMRS team, Samuel Paske, took over the position as Chief Operations Director. Samuel’s long-standing position with EMRS prior to 2009 as Operations Manager and his in depth knowledge of the Tasmanian market have contributed to the growing capabilities of EMRS to provide quality research to our clients.

EMRS conducts well over 100 projects each year and remains the leading Tasmanian market consultancy.

Mission Statement

Giving our clients the competitive edge through relevant research-based information and solutions.

Facts and Figures

Over 3000 market research consultancies have been directed since 1988.

A highly skilled team of experts who bring with them solid academic backgrounds, a focused and dedicated approach, and a passion for marketing.
A breadth of experience and a broad knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research techniques.
An innovative and lateral approach to thinking and design, and a high standard of quality and consistency control.
Over 20 years of experience in the Tasmania market, allowing the company to gain thorough knowledge of the business market thus maintaining a highly reputable name as a respected research agency.
ICQA accredited and the use of quality training procedures following best-practice management techniques and TQM practices, with a commitment to client satisfaction.


Website: http://www.emrs.com.au

Location and contact

  • TAS

    Contact person: Samuel Paske
    Phone: 0362111222
    Email: enquiries@emrs.com.au

    60 Main Rd
    Moonah TAS 7009
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