Essence Communications

Penny Burke, the Director of Essence, began the Essence consultancy in 2006 after many years experience with a wide range of marketing and communications projects, in a range of sectors from traditional packaged goods and retail to services and social marketing.

From the very beginning, her passion for strategic communication, straight forward advice and specific measurable outcomes was evident. And today, this is still a passion that every member of the Essence team shares and seeks to uphold.

Over a number of years Essence has been lucky enough to work with a range of outstanding clients with genuinely fascinating projects, often complex and sensitive stakeholders, and frequently urgent deadlines(!)

As a boutique consultancy, we pride ourselves on our nimble and innovative services, our senior personnel who are used to working at the highest level, and our level of organisational responsiveness and attention to detail.

We also share a strong and enduring philosophy that family is important. We don’t just ‘talk’ about being family friendly – we live and breathe it every day. Everyone at Essence is encouraged to try and find that elusive work life balance – to live the joy of family life whilst simultaneously working on challenging and fascinating projects, delivering beyond the call of duty.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0395724125

    14 -16 The Avenue East
    Malvern VIC 3145
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