Essential Research

Deeply understanding insights from our audiences and the general public is at the heart of our methodology. Research allows us to understand issues, frame debates, build support and test our assumptions.

Our sister organisation Essential Research uses focus groups, surveys, interviews and the latest online research tools to understand issues, frame debates, build support and test our assumptions with target audiences and the broader public.

Essential Research has conducted thousands of focus groups and have the runs on the board in using this tried and tested qualitative research methodology – in face-to-face groups or online – to deliver insights into your key stakeholders, members and the community at large.

Our tailored member and stakeholder research, designed to suit any budget, guides internal communications strategy and makes organisational planning focused and sharp.

EMC’s communications reviews and audits take a deep dive into your organisation to make strong recommendations across all media, platforms, materials and practices that will see you meet your short and long-term objectives and drive efficiencies across your organisation. Our expert analysis of your internal and external communications will help you connect with key audiences and develop relationships with your stakeholders.

Every Monday, Essential Research publishes the Essential Report, Australia’s respected and reliable national omnibus poll. Each week the report tracks voting intention and also asks questions about pressing social issues of the day. With a weekly sample of around 1000, and data weighted to ABS statistics, the Essential Report captures an accurate picture of public opinion.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Andrew Bunn
    Phone: 0399299999

    15-31 Pelham St
    Carlton VIC 3053
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