Etic Consulting Group

We are a Sydney based agency, specialising in multicultural research and communications.
Our core business is to produce and translate market and social research findings into appropriate and effective communication strategy.
Our name 'etic' means to observe and analyse behaviour objectively, and to distill information in a way that can be used to communicate universally.
We are a culturally diverse team of researchers and communications specialists; we understand the communities we’re researching. This, combined with our professionalism, makes for a rich view of multicultural society.

Our evidence based research is geared toward helping clients better understand attitudes and behaviours of multicultural communities, and to use those insights:
To inform social policy.
To guide government strategy.
To Inform and develop culturally appropriate design for social marketing and communications campaigns.
To inform market strategy across migrant segments.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Rana Hadid
    Phone: 0290898846

    L26 44 Market St
    Sydney NSW 2000
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