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Change can bring disruption and uncertainty but also fleeting opportunities. Evolve Research and Consulting understands that organisations need to continuously evolve and adapt to their environment to survive and prosper.

Our goal is to understand our clients, their markets and competitors to create real competitive advantages. We help our clients identify new opportunities, make choices between those opportunities and optimise their customer experiences to attain and sustain market leadership.
Most importantly, we have real business smarts and bring many years of experience working with leading Australian and international brands.


We are a close and committed team of researchers. We have a passion for helping our clients be successful in what they do.
We believe every client's needs are different and require a bespoke approach. We start by designing the best methodology for the project and we end by providing needle sharp strategic insights that address the problem and offer a way forward.


Our consultants apply an analytical framework to every client's business needs. Our framing of each client's needs guides our research design and analysis and helps us ensure outstanding results from every project. Our approach is based on:
A deep belief that every business problem or opportunity arises from change
A need to determine what is driving the change and the effects of the change
Understanding the dynamic influence of consumer needs, technology and innovation and competitor strategy as shapers of change
Identifying the opportunities and threats that arise and must be addressed
10 Key Questions we often help our clients answer:
1. What/who is the target market?
2. How do we attract new customers/retain our customers?
3. How do we communicate more effectively/engage more closely with customers?
4. Have we got the right distribution model?
5. How are we performing relative to the market/our competitors?
6. How should we structure our pricing?
7. How valuable is our brand?
8. Is our new advertising concept going to work/is the advertising delivering sound ROI?
9. How can we make our product or service different and better?
10. If we have a new concept - will it work?
Our analysis of these and similar questions is through the lens of change and the forces that drive it. By mastering these forces, we believe our clients can best achieve sustained success.


Website: http://www.evolveresearch.com.au

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    Phone: 0396701909
    Email: info@evolveresearch.com.au

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    Melbourne VIC 3000
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