Fifth Quadrant

What do we do:

Our core service offerings include:

Customer Experience Consulting
Customer Experience Research
Customer Experience Design
Industry Research and Analyst Services

Our Core Value Proposition:

Because of our extensive consumer and industry research capability, Fifth Quadrant is able to deliver an unrivalled level of knowledge, subject matter expertise, data and proprietary methodologies to support our clients to achieve their commercial and customer experience objectives.

Different to other management consultancies, we are able to offer an integrated programme including research, diagnostic assessment, future state design and operational transformation.

The value generated for our clients is:

Significantly improved customer experience, value, engagement and loyalty
Increased revenue from both inbound and outbound customer interaction channels
A reduced cost to serve
Increased profitability per customer

Customer Experience Defined

Customer experience is defined as the internal response of an individual to their interactions with an organisation's communications, products, channels, technologies, processes, people and environments. Internal response includes the thoughts, feelings, senses, physical reactions and emotions experienced as a result of the experience.

As a result of a Customer Experience the person will have a level of Engagement (also termed State Engagement) which is a physiological state. As a result of State Engagement the customer will then display certain Future Behaviours including propensities to: recommend (Net Promoter Score); purchase (Yield); renew; or be retained.

Why is Customer Experience Important?

It is proven that organisations with mature enterprise-wide Customer Experience strategy deliver higher levels of customer engagement and superior business performance in particular, revenue generation.

We also believe that a great Customer Experience has a tangible effect on a person’s day and life and that the act of serving someone is one of the most powerful ‘goods’ an organisation can do.

Customer Experience Strategy is a multi-disciplinary programme involving customer experience design, brand and organisational strategy assessment, sophisticated data modelling, operations capability analysis and the configuration of processes, technology and resources across multiple channels in order to optimise an organisation’s profitability through enhanced customer experience.

Our Services:

Customer Experience Consulting Services:

Customer Experience Strategy Development
Customer Experience Diagnostic Reviews & Industry Performance Benchmarking
Multi-channel Strategy Development
Contact Centre Optimisation and Establishment
Tender Management & Consulting

Customer Experience Research & Design Services:

Qualitative and Quantitative Customer Experience research
Customer Journey Mapping
Future State Customer Experience Design
Voice of customer (VoC) programmes
Customer storytelling

Industry Research & Analyst Services:

Customer Experience Industry Analyst Reports, Subscriptions, Briefings and Data Services
Online Publishing for the Customer Experience Industry including advertising and advertorials



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Dr Steve Nuttall
    Phone: 0299273399

    L6, 107 Mount St
    North Sydney NSW 2060
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