Fiftyfive5 has evolved out of a desire to see investment in research and insights deliver growth. Fiftyfive5 is a research business leveraging proven processes and expertise to inspire action and create value. We focus on overcoming the three main barriers to research effectiveness:

At Fiftyfive5, we:

Define the real question:
Attaining total clarity on what the problem is that needs to be solved.
Being clearer still on why solving it represents a growth opportunity.

Deliver genuine insight to answer that question:
Creating insights that sync with your business imperatives and unlock opportunities.

Provide clear growth paths:
So our clients see the 'so what', feel the potential and are inspired to own the way forward.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Karen Phillips
    Phone: 0292113595

    44 Bay St
    Ultimo NSW 2007
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