Fuel Consulting

Fuel works primarily in 3 ways:

Research and insights consultancy
Whether you're thinking about creating a market research/insights function or thinking about reviewing the one you already have, we can help organisations:
structure the insights function and management of market research to best suit your needs now and into the future
optimise the impact of research in business processes and decision making
optimise research investment, identifying efficiencies in spend and management

Freelance help
Too much work on? Someone away indefinitely? maternity leave cover needed? Sometimes you just need extra support to manage existing or upcoming work.

We provide flexible casual, part-time and project based support solutions to keep you going.

Some organizations prefer the financial and head count flexibility of contracting out their market research management needs, particularly as it can offer a more experienced research manager than they could afford on a full time basis.

Whether it's a few hours of help or an ongoing part-time arrangement...or something in between, we can provide a solution that works for you.

Agency support:

Fuel can help you with your own marketing and with optimising your deliverables to your clients:

Agency/divisional/brand positioning development
Agency marketing planning support
Credentials development
Planning, development and editing of reports/presentations/deliverables
Review and refresh of ongoing reports or presentations
‘Another brain in the room’ for proposal/pitch development and IP development
Client by client action planning
Business development planning and support

... driving growth through better client engagement, delivery and impact


Website: http://www.fuelconsulting.com.au

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0438419211
    Email: tiina@fuelconsulting.com.au

    Cherrybrook NSW 2126
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