fuse strategic research

Fuse Strategic Research helps businesses connect customer understanding with marketing strategy and decision making, to maximise impact and effectiveness.

We are experienced marketing and customer research specialists, bringing the customer voice and focus to the marketing process.

we love talking to people, observing and understanding them
we are inquisitive – we seek understanding, clarity and meaning
we love to think – intuitively, analytically, creatively
we embrace continuous learning – following leading thinking, innovation and best practice

Mark Poolman, Director

Mark has more than 15 years marketing research and consulting experience, bringing a strategic perspective and creative thinking to business opportunities and challenges.

Mark has extensive customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty research expertise, helping brands develop customer strategy and initiatives to strengthen relationships. He has implemented large customer experience and service improvement programs for a number of major Australian businesses.

A Qualified Practising Market Researcher [QPMR] with the Australian Market & Social Research Society, Mark is also a member of the Australian Marketing Institute [AMI].

Our team

A small team of senior consultants and support staff bring a wealth of experience to every project, with our network of strategic partners providing specialist expertise and resources as required.


Website: http://www.fuseresearch.com.au

Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Mark Poolman
    Phone: 0414794536
    Email: mark@fuseresearch.com.au

    Sydney NSW 2000
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