"We change the world one client at a time through extraordinary analytics and advice on everything important facing humankind."

-- Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO

Gallup delivers analytics and advice to help leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems. Combining more than 80 years of experience with its global reach, Gallup knows more about the attitudes and behaviors of employees, customers, students and citizens than any other organization in the world.

Gallup developed the Microeconomic Path as a framework by which leaders and companies could maximize human nature to accelerate organizational performance. Our consultants and analysts apply their knowledge of this path to address the right steps in the right order, improving the way organizations create strategy and operate.

This approach has led to the creation of unique tools and techniques for achieving the highest levels of organizational performance and organic growth. In the late 1990s, Gallup pioneered the employee engagement movement and introduced the premier tool for measuring and managing employees, the Gallup Q12: 12 actionable workplace elements with proven links to vital performance outcomes. Gallup remains at the forefront of employee engagement and has partnered with thousands of organizations to help them create a sustainable culture of engagement.

Gallup works with leaders and organizations to achieve breakthroughs in customer engagement, employee engagement, organizational culture and identity, leadership development, talent-based assessments, entrepreneurship and well-being. Our 2,000 professionals include noted scientists, renowned subject-matter experts and bestselling authors who work in a range of industries, including banking, finance, healthcare, consumer goods, automotive, real estate, hospitality, education, government and business-to-business (B2B).



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