Gandar Associates Pty Ltd

Gandar Associates believes that research should deliver outcomes. Our focus is on high level contracting and consulting in strategic project direction, insight development, structured business development and implementing operational excellence for the best outcomes for all research activities.

Our offer is based on personal service, flexibility and knowledge delivering the most effective outcome.

Gandar Associates can bring extensive business experience.

Specific achievements include:
Doubling company revenues in 5 year spans
Significant profit and margin improvements
Key account and project management
Improving staff retention and lowering churn
Global research product developments
Global databasing of questions, norms and benchmarks
Technology shifts from PAPI to online interviewing globally within 2 years.

We have experience across a wide range of markets and categories, both in Australia and New Zealand and other regions of the world. Particular areas of category knowledge include:

Services (fast food, professional, etc)
FMCG & consumer (many categories)
Financial (banking, finance, insurance, credit cards)
Leisure (airlines)
Media (radio, publishing)

Professional experience includes:
Ten years of MD and CEO experience
Twenty years of account and project management experience
Fifteen years Board of Directors experience
Industry leadership and committee membership, conference presentations, and training



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: John Gandar
    Phone: 0412274072

    St Ives NSW 2075
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