GPS Research Pty Ltd

gps research is a specialist social and market research company that has the tools to pinpoint where you are in the environment you operate in. With this knowledge you can safely map a course to get where you need to be.


GPS Research conducts high level qualitative and quantitative research across Australia including nationwide surveys, focus groups, as well as customer, membership and stakeholder satisfaction surveys. Our expertise and experience working with government, industry, education and membership organisations allows us to develop research strategies to map your operating environment.


GPS Research provides situation analysis and recommendations and strategies based upon our research and extensive experience with policy and program evaluation, campaign planning and communications.

GPS Research specialises in linking with implementation and strategies.

gps research focuses on delivering clear and accurate information to its clients.

How we work

GPS Research focuses on delivering clear and accurate information to its clients. We see research as a practical tool to focus and progress the interests of a company or an organisation.

GPS Research is uniquely placed with the experience of our people who each have more than 20 years in both social and market research, communication and stakeholder relations. Our people have worked with industry, government, commercial, education and membership organisations and understand the different operating environment for these organisations.

GPS is a specialist research organisation with experience in analysing social, political and environmental influences on an organisation, company and the community.

Stringent Research Guidelines

All our research partners must meet the stringent Interviewer Quality Control Australia standards for research and data collection. IQCA is the quality assurance scheme that ensures the data collection procedures used by research companies will produce reliable, high quality results.

Audits are conducted between March and May each year.

IQCA standards cover four main categories of interviewing and field work procedures. In conjuction with our research partners, GPS provides high standard:

• Face to face interviewing for:
– Door to door interviews
– Central location interviews
– Business interviews

• Telephone interviewing

• Audits and observational studies

• Recruitment for qualitative research


Qualitative research: GPS Research conducts focus groups and interviews on a varied range of issues across Australia. Combined with insightful analysis from our experienced team, GPS can deliver concise and targeted reports.

Quantitative research: GPS Research designs and conducts effective, insightful surveys. Our emphasis on quality design ensures you get accurate, representative results for CATI, mail, on-line or mixed methodology surveys.

Mindset profiling: Taking advantage of cutting edge products such as ColourGrid, GPS Research can provide a unique insight into the mind of the community.

Membership services and analysis: GPS Research provides insight into an organisation’s membership. Speciliasing in membership satisfaction, needs analysis and campaign testing GPS can assist you to effectively represent and grow an organisation’s membership.

Issues analysis: Our team is highly experienced in issues management and can provide the analysis and the direction to take the lead on any issue.

Campaign design: GPS can provide full campaign design and implementation taking full advantage of our extensive communications and campaign experience.

Stakeholder and relationship audits: Utilising the Organisational Relationship Diagnostic Audit (ORDA) GPS Research can review and measure the status of an organisation’s relationships against key performance indicators.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person:
    Phone: 0399936223

    L2, 377 Lonsdale St
    Melbourne VIC 3000
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