Hall & Partners Open Mind

The research group with a creative approach.

First there was Open Mind Research Group, a thought-leader in Australian market research for nearly 20 years. Then, in 2010, we joined the global boutique research group, Hall & Partners. We liked the way they thought about how communication works. We liked the way they thought about people’s relationships with brands. And we liked their emphasis on creativity, clarity of thought and innovation.

Research to help you move forward.

At Hall & Partners Open Mind we solve problems and identify opportunities. Research is our tool. As the world of brands and communication has changed, we need different approaches. We need to look at how people sense the brand or issue, and what they do about it, not just what they say. We need to understand the shared social emotions and how they influence behaviour.


Website: http://www.hpopenmind.com.au

Locations and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Nicola Hepenstall
    Phone: 0396629200
    Email: info@hpopenmind.com.au

    L3, 650 Chapel St
    South Yarra VIC 3141
  • NSW

    Contact person: Nicola Hepenstall
    Phone: 0299257450
    Email: info@hpopenmind.com.au

    L6, 118-120 Pacific Hwy
    St Leonards NSW 2065
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