We help our clients turn opportunities into profit through insights.

Haymakr is about collaborating with clients to uncover growth opportunities and more significantly to build concrete offers with a proven dollar value against them. Critical to this is adopting a future focused mindset that looks beyond the barriers of today to what can be commercially achieved in the future by using a range of new exploratory and developmental tools. Led by two senior industry professionals with tremendous passion and a proven track record in the UK, Asia and Australia; Stephen Spencer and Dominic Lefebvre.

Insights are a critical underpinning to successfully exploiting opportunities and helping clients become more effective and profitable.

Overused and understood, the word insight has become generic. An insight without opportunity is just a finding.

We define an insight as:

"A truth about people which can be leveraged to enhance organisational performance"

We believe insights can be found in more places and in more ways than ever before. Therefore we have developed a suite of investigative tools that look to the Internet, to clients data, to clients minds, to overseas markets, to trends as well as the more typical research vehicles.

We'd love to take you through them.


Website: http://www.haymakr.com

Location and contact

  • SA

    Contact person: Stephen Spencer
    Phone: 0401955185
    Email: stephens@haymakr.com

    Adelaide SA 5000
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