IMI International

IMI International guarantees to drive your business forward by optimizing your brand activation’s impact by leveraging our proprietary database and proven ROI metrics.
IMI International is a full-service marketing consultancy - leveraging consumer marketing research - specializing in the optimization of brand activations.

Established in 1971, IMI International is globally recognized for its work in the pre- and post-evaluation of consumer marketing efforts and has developed proprietary consumer research methodologies and success thresholds that serve to improve our clients’ return on marketing investment.

With offices in Toronto, Canada; Phoenix, United States; Melbourne, Australia and London, United Kingdom, and work conducted in over 40 other countries, IMI International is uniquely positioned to help your brand, property or agency succeed during these turbulent times.
For over 40 years, IMI International has served as a strategic partner to our clients, developing best practice principles based on over 40,000 evaluations delivered to leading brands globally.



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Devon Rick
    Phone: 0395967503

    119 Bridport St
    Albert Park VIC 3206
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