inFIELD Australia Pty Ltd

inFIELD Australia is a leading Australian fieldwork and data collection agency with a wealth of experience. At the helm of inFIELD’s 30+ team is Edith Feher, well-known and respected in the Australian market research industry.
Working previously for one of Australia’s most highly respected market research companies (Field Force) for 14 years, Edith has brought with her a wealth of experience being involved in all manner of data collection at Field Force.
Edith is an industry leader in data collection with over 30 years of market research experience in Australia, so you can be certain your project is in good hands.

With our highly experienced national fieldwork teams we can offer a range of fieldwork services:
Face to face interviewing including shopping centre, street intercept, exit interviews & door to door using PAPI, CAPI & scannable forms.
Mystery shopping, audits & observations. Both face to face & phone. Example of industries covered is: Credit Cards, Duty Free shopping, Retail, Utilities & many more.
Executive interviewing both face to face & phone including such industries as health, finance, professional services & many more
Online studies using Confirm IT software
Recruitment from client provided lists
Focus group moderation

All new interviewers are trained to ISO 20252 standards & beyond by highly experience staff, followed by one-on-one supervision for their first few initial projects
Each & every project is fully and personally briefed by experienced field staff
All work is edited and logic checked by highly experienced supervisors
Validations exceed the required minimum 10% standard of each interviewer’s work
Response rates are constantly reviewed & improved

inFIELD can provide a wide range of DP services, including:
Online questionnaire scripting and hosting capabilities: our team is highly skilled in ConfirmIT, the world’s leading online research interviewing platform
Data entry via validated OCR or manual keying (double-entry if required)
Production of Excel-based tables (cross-tabs) from your specifications
Coding of open-ended responses
Charting (in Microsoft Powerpoint) & Reporting
A wide range of statistical analyses and multivariate modelling techniques
Application software and website development



Location and contact

  • VIC

    Contact person: Edith Feher
    Phone: 0395968356

    North Brighton VIC 3186
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