Inside Story

With an operating history of over 27 years and over 2,000 successful assignments, we have tried and tested processes and a rich experience base.

We understand partnership as well as the new world of marketing and business – digital, real time and targeted.

At our core we design, customise and analyse primary market research, combining internal data, cultural and contextual understanding, with latest thinking in behavioural research, psychology and neuroscience, anthropology and business strategy.

We are a collaborative and creative team of highly experienced insight professionals with substantial commercial experience.

As our name suggests, we are expert storytellers.

Based in Sydney Australia’s CBD, we work Australia-wide and across Asia-Pacific. With a highly qualified and experienced in house team, we are big enough to handle large projects in tight time frames, and small enough to be very flexible and personalised. We have in-house data analytics.

The Inside Story was founded by academic Dr Max Sutherland (author Allen and Unwin: Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer) and Mr Bruce Smith, in 1988 as Sutherland Smith.

Sutherland Smith achieved acclaim as one of the most innovative communications and brand tracking specialists through the cutting edge MarketMind tracking system, involving daily measurement of market responses to marketing activities and ROI.

Our CEO, Liane Ringham rebranded the company in 2000, extending the skill set to incorporate a broader range of research methods with an increased focus on implicit research methods and strategic consultancy.



Location and contact

  • NSW

    Contact person: Liane Ringham
    Phone: 0292999979

    Sydney NSW 2001
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