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Creating value with social networks
At Insight Social Networks, we provide Engagement Analytics and Market Research that source data from online social networks. Insight Social Networks helps businesses take full advantage of the most unfettered consumer generated data and online consumer engagement. We believe in the tremendous benefit of rigorously collecting and analysing such data from social media platforms.


Chedia Dhaoui, PhD
Insight Social Networks was founded in 2012 by Chedia Dhaoui, PhD. She built her experience while doing academic research over the past few years at European and Australian universities and helping companies to evaluate their Business Intelligence Systems. She holds a PhD in Information and Communication Sciences from the R&D lab LORIA (France) where she produced a number of research studies on Business Intelligence Systems. Her passion for Social Media Intelligence has lead to the creation of Insight Social Networks with one main goal: creating value with social networks.



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  • NSW

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    Phone: 0280915133

    Sydney NSW 2000
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